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In Mérida, where the streets vibrate with stories and the walls whisper secrets, you will find Makech Tattoo. A corner where the art of tattooing and piercing manifests itself in its purest form, transcending to become the language of the soul. Every corner of our studio is a testimony of the passion and dedication we put into our work.

Our history

Founded in 2016 with the backing of a family passionate about art, Makech Tattoo quickly established itself as a benchmark in the north of the city for body art enthusiasts. Our hallmark lies in the fusion of creativity and artistic quality in every tattoo and piercing.

The Makech team is composed of talented artists, each bringing their unique style and vision. Every tattoo we perform is more than an image; it’s a story, and it’s an honor to be a part of it.

In 2022, we took an evolutionary leap by moving to a larger space. With specialized areas for tattoos and piercings led by our expert Trinity, and a VIP lounge for a superior tattoo experience. In addition, our studio features a photography set to immortalize our art and a waiting room that houses products designed by our artists and exclusive Makech merchandise.

At Makech Tattoo, every detail is thought out to offer an unparalleled tattoo experience.







Our space



Welcome to Makech, the renowned tattoo studio in Merida. Here we welcome you with warmth, orienting you about our outstanding services, artists and the latest trends in tattoos.


Main area

The artistic heart of Makech. A vibrant space where our resident tattoo artists create their masterpieces. The perfect combination of technique and passion in each design.

VIP Tattoo Area


For those seeking discretion and exclusivity, our VIP room offers an intimate atmosphere. Personalized tattoos in Merida with maximum privacy and comfort.

Área de Perforación


More than piercings, we offer style and personality. With safe techniques and an expert team, we guarantee a hygienic and high quality process for your piercing in Merida.


Photography set

Immortalize your body art on our professional set. We capture every detail of your tattoo or piercing, reflecting the essence and style of Makech.



Discover the most relaxing side of Makech. Our terrace invites you to dive into the pool, enjoying moments of serenity before or after your session, while enveloped in the unique artistic atmosphere that Makech offers its customers.

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