How to take care of your tattoo after tattooing? A complete guide

In the excitement of debuting a new tattoo, you may miss a few details about how to properly care for it. But did you know that the way you treat your tattoo in the first few days can make a big difference in its long-term appearance? Here you will find a series of recommendations to take care of your tattoo and make sure it looks perfect for a long time to come. Read on and find out what you should and shouldn’t do after getting a tattoo!

ConsEssential tips and recommendations to take care of your tattoo

Keep it covered for the first 40 minutes

The bandage you get after tattooing has a vital function: to protect the newly tattooed skin from bacteria, dust, sunlight and other agents that can affect it. Even if you want to take a look at your brand new artwork or show it off to your friends, be patient. You will have all the time in the world to show it off later.
After this time, you should take a shower. Take into account the following indications.

Hygiene and daily care

When taking a shower

  • Use lukewarm water and neutral soap to avoid irritation.
  • Discard soaps with perfume or alcohol that may damage the tattoo.
  • Instead of sponges, use your hands to gently clean the area and make sure there is no residue.

Moisturizing and protection

Apply a cream suggested by your tattoo artist:
From the second day, it is essential to keep the area moisturized to promote healing. However, avoid using too much cream and follow the indications given by the professional to the letter to prevent infections.

What to avoid during the healing process?

Sea and swimming pools!
During the first 2-3 weeks, avoid swimming in pools or the sea. These waters may contain bacteria that can compromise the health of your tattoo and delay healing.

After getting a tattoo, it is essential to avoid intense exercise. The reason? The sweat and friction generated during physical activity can interfere with the healing process of the tattoo, increasing the risk of infection and affecting the quality of the design. In addition, exercise can cause additional inflammation in the tattooed area. Therefore, to ensure that your tattoo heals properly and retains its vibrant appearance, it is advisable to take a break from the gym and any activity that causes excessive sweating in the tattooed area.

Sun protection: your best ally

Stay out of the sun:
The sun can be a great enemy of tattoos, especially freshly done ones. If you need to go out, cover the tattoo with ample clothing. And once it’s fully healed, never forget to apply sunscreen of factor 30 or higher.

Possible complications and how to deal with them

If you experience symptoms such as rashes, redness, stinging and/or itching, you may have an allergic reaction or an infection – don’t hesitate and consult a doctor!

The importance of not touching the scabs

A tattoo usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to heal, depending on the area where it is and its size. Resisting the temptation to scratch or pull off the scabs is vital for a good result. These scabs form as part of the natural healing process and will fall off on their own. Remember: scratching can cause scarring and affect the appearance of your tattoo.

The grand finale!

After one month, congratulations! Your tattoo will be completely healed. Continue to protect it from the sun and keep it moisturized. Now, it’s time to show it off with pride.

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