Tatuador Fercho Makech Tatto
Blackwork Anime, Cartoonish, Fineline, Pointillism

Fernando Manzano, a passionate tattoo artist, specializes in illustrating mangaka and creating unique designs inspired by the world of anime. He began his career in tattooing in 2019, and since then, he has invested more than five years perfecting his distinctive style, with a focus on black tones, gradients and shadows in the Blackwork style, which allows him to masterfully render illustrations of different mangakas and design original characters based on these artists.

In addition to his artistic skills, Fernando Manzano is a professional committed to safety and hygiene in tattooing. His knowledge of biosafety, acquired during his training in industrial engineering, is reflected in each session, where he guarantees the highest hygiene and uses disposable materials with strictly controlled expiration dates. She advises on the healing process and offers exceptional customer service, backed by more than 500 recommendations that highlight her friendliness, professionalism and outstanding results. His approach is based on listening to the client’s ideas and providing expert advice to ensure that the tattoo design meets expectations, which has cemented his reputation as a passionate and reliable tattoo artist in the anime field.


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