Where to get a Tattoo in Mérida? Discover the Ideal Studio for Your Body Art


The warm Yucatán wind envelops you and an idea crosses your mind: “It’s the perfect time for a tattoo”. But where to get a tattoo in Merida?

Makech Tattoo: A Benchmark for Body Art in Mérida

Founded in 2016 with the backing of a family passionate about art, Makech Tattoo quickly established itself as a benchmark in the north of the city for body art enthusiasts. Its hallmark lies in the fusion of creativity and artistic quality in every tattoo and piercing.

Why Choose Makech Tattoo?

The Makech team is made up of talented artists, each bringing their unique style and vision. Each tattoo they perform is more than an image; it’s a story, and they are honored to be a part of it.

An Unparalleled Experience in the World of Tattooing

In 2022, Makech Tattoo took an evolutionary leap by moving to a larger space. With specialized areas for tattoos and piercings, and a VIP lounge for those seeking a superior tattoo experience. In addition, their studio features a photography set to immortalize their art and a waiting room that houses products designed by their artists and exclusive Makech merchandise.

The Perfect Place to Get Tattooed in Merida

If you are looking for the best place to get tattooed in Merida, Makech Tattoo is without a doubt your best option. Not only for being the largest tattoo studio in Merida, but also for its commitment to quality, creativity and customer experience.

Tattoo art is a wonderful way to express yourself, and when it comes to choosing the perfect studio, Makech Tattoo stands out for its excellence. If you are in Mérida and are looking for a place to get your story on your skin, look no further, make your appointment at Makech Tattoo today!

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