Tatuadora Sirene posando para una foto y está sonriendo con lentes
Cartoonish, Full Color, Kawaii

Sirene, a talented tattoo artist, excels at creating custom designs that are uniquely tailored to each client. Her portfolio encompasses a wide variety of styles, from anatomical illustrations to cartoon, anime, botanical and animal characters, all with careful attention to composition and perspective to ensure that the tattoo fits harmoniously on the body. In addition, her expertise in colorimetry allows her to apply pigments accurately, ensuring that tattoos are long-lasting and vibrant. Sirene is certified and has an in-depth knowledge of tattoo inks, enabling her to advise clients on the most suitable color options, taking into account possible allergies. Her focus on hygiene and safety is unquestionable, with disposable and sterilized equipment, first aid certifications and an unwavering commitment to safety and optimal healing after tattooing.

In terms of experience, Sirene has participated in several tattoo expos throughout her career, including events in Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen and Cancun. In addition, she was a special guest at Expo Tatuaje Mexico City, the largest event in Latin America. Her journey as an artist has taken her to renowned studios in various cities in Mexico, where she has shared knowledge with other outstanding artists. Sirene’s customer service is characterized by


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